• 5 questions to ask when buying Livestock insurance

    In 2016 our customers made more claims for their livestock than for anything else on the farm. The majority of these were for fatal injuries but sheep worrying, animals on the road and damage to property from animals were also reasons our customers needed to make a claim.

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  • How one customer benefited from Business Interruption cover

    Business Interruption cover secures the future of dairy calves in Devon.

    Our customer farms 400 milking cows plus followers on a 300+ acre dairy farm in mid-Devon.

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  • Agricultural contractor insurance – what you need to know

    Agricultural contractor insurance – what you need to know

    Agricultural contacting plays a key role in farming across the UK, allowing farmers to carry out crucial work without having to invest in expensive machinery or skills training.

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  • Top 10 considerations when buying agricultural vehicle insurance

    We know that your vehicles are critical to the day to day running of your farm. 

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    Case study: fatal injury to livestock on own premises

    Farmers do everything they can to look after their animals but sometimes incidences occur that are out of their control. Fatal injuries can be caused from straying but more often than not many happen on the farm.

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  • Benefits of Public Liability insurance

    Benefits of Public Liability insurance

    Public liability insurance is a must-have for any farm. It will make sure you’re covered if a member of the public is injured on your farm or if you are responsible for damage to another person’s property.

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