• Winter will soon be here...are you prepared?

    Winter will soon be here...are you prepared?

    From burst pirpes to broken down tractors, farmers are presented with the same risks every winter. Now is the time to get ahead and start planning for the season.

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  • Is your farmhouse insurance adequate?

    Outside the day to day running of your farm the farmhouse is often the place where conversations take place and decisions are made.

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  • Heroes of Harvest

    The Heroes of Harvest

    With harvest 2017 coming to an end, we've put together some interesting facts about the heroes of harvest.

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  • Rural’s new Farm Product Manager gives us his view on what the future holds for farming in the UK

    Andrew joins Rural as the new Farm Product Manager and will be the driving force behind making improvements to our range of farm insurance products.

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  • Make sure your risks don't stack up!

    Now that harvest 2017 is coming to an end many farmers will be feeling relieved as all their hard work has been rewarded. The crops have been harvested, the straw has been baled and the combine is soon to be put away till next year. However, it doesn’t stop there.

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  • 8 questions to ask about your tractor insurance

    Since their introduction in the 19th century, tractors have become essential for farms up and down the UK. Their versatility and size have turned them into the workhorse of the modern farm business.

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