• Slurry: spreading good practice

    If you have livestock (particularly cows) on your farm, then slurry will be a part of your working life. It plays a vital role in the cultivation of your land, but you’ll also know that it can be one of the most dangerous things on your farm if mismanaged.

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  • Is 2018 the year to do something new on your farm?

    Eating less, exercising more and learning new skills are all common new year’s resolutions that many of us set out to achieve every year. But have you thought about any New Year’s resolutions for your farming business?

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  • Rural's farming Christmas quiz

    Don't be a bbbaaaaa humbug. Get in the moooood for Christmas with our festive farming quiz. Yule be mad to miss out!

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  • All creature claims great and small

    What do a leaping sheep, a hungry horse and a thieving fox all have in common? As well as sounding like characters of a new Disney blockbuster, they’re also the reason for a phone call to someone’s insurer.

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  • It's Christmas competition time!

    As you start to put your Christmas trees up, switch on the lights and get into the festive spirit, why not enter our Christmas selfie competition for a chance to WIN £100 Love2shop vouchers.

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  • When should you give your insurer a Christmas call?

    It’s around this time of year that many people think about who they want to re-connect with. Christmas card lists, party invite lists and annual family phone call lists are being made in households across the country. But is a call to your insurer anywhere on the list?

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