Motor Breakdown insurance

Provided by National Breakdown, our breakdown cover can be added to our motor policies to provide your clients with one of 4 available levels of assistance.

We offer breakdown cover on Farm Motor for Private Cars, Commercial Vehicles up to 44t and Motorised Horseboxes. We also offer breakdown cover on Rural Business Motor for Private Cars, Commercial Vehicles up to 7.5t and Motorised Horseboxes.

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Motor Breakdown Insurance Covers

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Roadside assistance
Local tow
Message relay
24 Hour 365 cover
Caravan & trailer included
Emergency Driver within the UK
Pay on Use assitance in the UK after an accident
Nationwide UK recovery  
Alternative transport  
Overnight accomodation  
Callout from home    
European assistance      
Replacement parts when in Europe      
Temporary repairs following break in when in Europe      
Repatriation when in Europe      
Private cars & Commercial vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes £45.98* £57.28* £78.11* £148.91*
Commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonne up to and including 7.5 tonnes £57.48* £68.56* £82.27* £182.92*
Commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonne up to and including 44 tonnes £57.48* £83.79* £100.55* £321.13*

*prices exclude insurance premium tax

  • UK Roadside Assistance: Roadside assistance to try to restart or mobilise the vehicle
  • Assistance at Home: Attendance at the home address if the vehicle breaks down
  • Local Tow: If we cannot restart the vehicle at the roadside, it will be towed to a local garage or the home within 15 miles
  • National Recovery: If we cannot restart the vehicle at the roadside, and a local repair is not possible, we will tow the vehicle, customer and passengers to a local garage or home address anywhere in the UK
  • Onward travel: When a local repair is being carried out locally a hire car can be provided (48 Hours) or public transport for the customer to continue their journey
  • European Assistance: If the customer breaks down abroad we will attend at the roadside or tow the customer and their vehicle to a local repairer. Overnight accommodation or replacement vehicle can be provided whilst the vehicle is being repaired
  • Repatriation from EU: If the vehicle cannot be repaired abroad, we will look to repatriate the vehicle and passengers back to the UK

    Motor Breakdown Insurance Selling Points

    • 4 levels of competitive cover designed specifically for Rural policyholders
    • Add cover to just one vehicle or all vehicles depending on your needs
    • Choose different levels of cover for different vehicles
    • Fast and efficient UK based claims from National Breakdown – experts in breakdown recovery
    • Issued alongside the Farm Motor or Rural Business Motor policy documents for efficient administration
    • Convenient instalments available with an interest rate of only 4% (You must pay by the same method you chose to pay the motor insurance policy)

    Motor Breakdown Insurance Making a claim

    At Rural Insurance we understand the importance of the claims service for your clients.

    In the event of a claim your client should contact our National Breakdown directly 24 hours a day on 0845 275 1999 or from a mobile phone 01274 288 488.