Motor Breakdown Insurance Covers

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UK Roadside Assistance
Local Tow
Nationwide Recovery  
Onward Travel  
Assistance at Home    
European Assistance      
Repatriation from EU      

Rates prior to 1st June 2018

Private Cars & Commercial Vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes £40.00* £50.00* £65.00* £100.00*
Commercial Vehicles from 7.6 to 44 tonnes (Farm Motor only) £40.00* £60.00* £75.00* £180.00*

Rates from 1st June 2018

Private cars & Commercial vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes £39.31* £48.98* £66.71* £106.03*
Commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonne up to and including 7.5 tonnes £44.14* £58.57* £70.34* £130.34*
Commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonne up to and including 44 tonnes £49.14* £71.64* £85.96* £228.64*

*prices exclude insurance premium tax

  • UK Roadside Assistance: Roadside assistance to try to restart or mobilise the vehicle
  • Assistance at Home: Attendance at the home address if the vehicle breaks down
  • Local Tow: If we cannot restart the vehicle at the roadside, it will be towed to a local garage or the home within 15 miles
  • National Recovery: If we cannot restart the vehicle at the roadside, and a local repair is not possible, we will tow the vehicle, customer and passengers to a local garage or home address anywhere in the UK
  • Onward travel: When a local repair is being carried out locally a hire car can be provided (48 Hours) or public transport for the customer to continue their journey
  • European Assistance: If the customer breaks down abroad we will attend at the roadside or tow the customer and their vehicle to a local repairer. Overnight accommodation or replacement vehicle can be provided whilst the vehicle is being repaired
  • Repatriation from EU: If the vehicle cannot be repaired abroad, we will look to repatriate the vehicle and passengers back to the UK