Agricultural loans to help you grow and diversify

For many, farming isn’t just a business it’s a way of life. Whether you’re milking cows or growing crops, it’s passion that drives farmers to succeed and generate an income from what they love to do.  

However, throughout the year farmers and land owners face many challenges, from fluctuating market prices to extreme weather conditions. Such challenges can put businesses under financial pressures preventing them from seeking new opportunities. That’s why we’ve teamed up with UK Agricultural Finance (UKAF) to provide agricultural businesses with a new source of capital, enabling them to fulfil their ambitions.

Who are UKAF?

UKAF is a specialist lender solely focus on the agricultural industry. They want to help businesses grow and develop in line with an ever-changing modern rural economy. With technologies developing and new ways of working being established there is a need for farmers to move with the times in order to succeed. However, the latest technologies and new opportunities often come at a significant cost which can be overwhelming. This is where an agricultural loan from UKAF can help.  

With short and medium-term loans available, farmers can secure capital to help grow and innovate their businesses. A loan from UKAF could help with:

  • Diversifying a business to protect or increase revenue. From glamping sites to novel crops all credible proposals are considered.  
  • Purchasing land next door, that becomes available once in a blue moon
  • Investing in livestock and facilities to expand a herd
  • Renovating or repairing a property for capital gain or rental income
  • Installing solar panels, a biomass boiler, or even a small hydropower scheme to generate an additional source of income

These are just a few ways in which UKAF could help you. No matter how large or small your plans are, UKAF will consider any credible business proposal.

What makes UKAF different?

UKAF have been helping farmers secure finance to run their businesses. They offer flexible loan options that can be tailored to your businesses needs. More importantly when working with UKAF you’ll be able to speak directly with the person making the decision and get to know them, as they will also visit you personally on your farm to properly understand your plans.

If you have a business opportunity that requires financial support, call UKAF today on 0333 400 1894 to find out if they can help you.

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